Why use ProLine cartridges?

Tired of not achieving perfect lines? Find the solution with our cartridges. Discover the advantages and characteristics that make our cartridges a safe choice. Improve your technique with the precision of ProLine.


Thin and transparent tip

The tip of the PROLINE cartridges has an elongated and transparent mouthpiece that widens your field of vision , allowing you to appreciate every detail as you make the line. In addition, it absorbs a large amount of ink, helping you to make endless lines in a single stroke.


Precision and stability needles

The needles of our cartridges stand out for their level of sharpness, the result of a meticulous design. Made in three layers for optimal ink absorption, these needles have an anti-rust coating that extends their useful life. In addition, the EO gas sterilization process ensures a safe application.


Soft and comfortable rubber handle

The rubber handle of PROLINE cartridges provides unmatched comfort during tattoo sessions. Its ergonomic design and soft-touch texture guarantee a firm and comfortable grip. Orange and black color stands out as a recognizable hallmark of ProLine cartridges


Unmatched Precision Centering Tool

At ProLine, we know that every detail matters. Our centerer ensures that the needle remains centered at all times , achieving flawless, defined strokes no matter the movement of your hand.


Guaranteed anti-vibration and hygiene

This low voltage, anti-vibration membrane offers a number of advantages. Acting as a protective shield, it guarantees total control and unparalleled protection. In addition, it prevents the return of fluids and infectious agents. It also provides additional protection to your tattoo machine , preventing the entry of fluids and ensuring optimal and long-lasting performance. With the membrane of ProLine cartridges, you can tattoo with confidence and peace of mind.


22 settings

We currently offer 22 configurations, but we will be expanding our catalog of configurations to adapt to all styles of tattoos.

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