Update 4 AUGUST 2023


These conditions govern your relationship as a registered client of ProLine Club.

What is PROLINE Club?

PROLINE TATTOO develops a program to reward the loyalty of all our clients. PROLINE Club registration is free and is based on the fact that by buying and interacting with Proline you can earn points that allow you to reach levels and unlock different rewards . Orders must be made through the website www.prolinetattoo.com , from chat or over the phone.

How to register in PROLINE Club?

It is easy! You will be automatically enrolled in PROLINE Club when you activate your account by clicking on the "JOIN NOW" after registering as a client through our website www.prolinetattoo.com or by phone providing your contact information and prior acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Personal Data.

Your customer account is personal and non-transferable. To keep your account and password safe and not assign them or communicate them with third parties. The use of personal data by third parties is not allowed. To become a client of the PROLINE Club you must activate your account in the client area of ​​www.prolinetattoo.com from the launch date of this program. Joint registrations are not allowed.

What kind of points are there?

There is currently one type of point: ProLine Points. ProLine Points allow you to unlock discount coupons on future purchases. In principle, for every 500 ProLine Points earned, the customer obtains a €5 discount coupon to be used on the next purchase. You can use a €5 coupon for every €50 spent at ProLine Tattoo, that is, if you have 2 €5 coupons available, in order to use both at the same time you must place a minimum order of €100.

How are points earned?

Now that you know the types of points you have, discover how they are earned: For every € or £ spent on ProLine products, you accumulate 5 ProLine Points. There are no decimal places, so it will round up so that you receive whole points. The calculation of points can be seen at the end of the purchase process, once all discounts and coupons have been applied, excluding any logistics costs that are the responsibility of the customer. If you end up returning or changing your order, any points earned on that purchase are subtracted.

In the near future we will create ProLine Club levels.

There will be different levels that you must reach progressively. Unlocking countless advantages, raffles, gifts, vouchers and much more.

How does deregistration work?

You can unsubscribe at any time. PROLINE TATTOO reserves the right to cancel the registration in case of violation of these conditions, after a written notice has been delivered. PROLINE TATTOO can modify or cancel the program unilaterally. If one of the clauses of these conditions is considered invalid, illegal or ineffective, it will be severable from the conditions and will be considered to be removed from the latter, without this having any relation to the validity of the remaining clauses.