Update 9 AUGUST 2023


Our ProTEAMS Community: We want to make the PROLINE family big!

At PROLINE TATTOO , we believe in authenticity and a job well done. We are excited to introduce you to our ProTEAMS initiative, a sponsorship program designed to support real professional tattoo artists who are committed to their craft.

What is a ProTEAM?

ProTEAMS are experienced tattoo artists who share our commitment to quality and dedication to the art of tattooing. Through this program, we provide them with our tattoo cartridges so they can work with high-quality, reliable needles.

Our philosophy

At PROLINE TATTOO , we strive to give tattoo artists the tools they need to do what they do best, without hype. We believe that quality matters and that every detail counts in the world of tattooing.

How does it work?

  1. Reality-Based Selection: We are looking for tattoo artists who demonstrate their dedication and skill through their work. It is not about the extravagant, but about the passion for art.
  2. Direct Monthly Delivery: Members of our ProTEAM will receive our tattoo cartridges monthly, in the same way that any tattoo artist receives their essential supplies.
  3. Practical Collaboration: Through our social networks and web, we will share the work of our ProTEAMS, highlighting the stories and tattoos they create.

Join the Community

If you're an experienced, quality-focused tattoo artist looking to join a community that values ​​authenticity, we can't wait to meet you!

At PROLINE TATTOO , we are committed to honesty and to providing tattoo artists with quality cartridges to create their art. Stay tuned for updates as we build this community together.